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ATAC is the of security safes and security solutions. Since 1948 they have protected the assets of their clients throughout the world by providing a broad array of safes, cameras and consulting services with the highest degree of quality, integrity and responsiveness. Customers have trusted ATAC products to protect their assets.

We were very excited to work with ATAC mainly due to the fact that here at Tello, we also provide digital security solutions and have our own expert in-house ethical hackers.



Date: 11 May 2019

Services: Web Design, E-commerce, SEO



ATAC had an existing website which was dated and plagued with un-optimised code, images and practices as well as security flaws. We were tasked to provide ATAC with a fresh and visually pleasing website whilst maintaining a professional look that customers will relate to reliability and dependability.

SEO Goals

ATAC had a few goals in mind. Namely, they wanted to increase rankings for key buying/selling terms and in turn increase conversions of people enquiring about the products that they are selling leading to sales of their security product. With this in mind we looked at how these goals could be better achieved and what the main barriers to success were.

SEO Actions

After our first review, we identified the obvious issues and started our work fixing the main problems. We fixed the sitemaps issue by creating new country specific sitemaps for business listings, a separate main sitemap for key pages and a blog sitemap. We fixed the thousands of redirections. We updated directives for a number of subfolders and updated the robots.txt file to block large parts of the site which were not necessary for the crawl. We added content to the city and sector specific landing pages and used our keyword research to optimise the meta data.


We can see from these results that regardless of your industry, there is still a lot of value in ensuring that your site is optimised for SEO and that with a proper strategy in place you can see great results and a very positive ROI. ATAC are continuing to invest in their digital marketing, which is bringing them great results and their website is only going to improve and build even further.

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